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Healthy Body, Healthy Life!

We believe if your body is healthy, your skin is soft and well-nourished then you are going to experience a better life. Here at Sea Sprite Soaps we can help supplement your skin to its fullest, lushest potential. We provide a great range of soap from brand labels to handmade soap, we also have a good range of fragrance, to help infuse your body, mind and soul.

Soaps From Around The World

Sea Sprite Soaps have travelled far and wide to provide quality handmade soaps with a hint of spice and culture from each part of the world. Our India salted bath oils and soap help create an aura of peace around your body and mind, helping you relax while nourishing and rejuvenating your healthy skin.

Specialized Oils, Soaps and Salts.

At Sea Sprite Soaps we have a range of relaxing oils which when added to your skin really can help with the maintenance and longevity of healthy and vibrant skin combined with our luxurious range of bath salts it can relax both the mind and body. This creates an aura of relaxation, while our rejuvenating soaps work to scrub away the daily oil and grime, leaving you reborn.

Rejuvenating Oils & Soap For Athletes

In the past we have had a lot of athletic clients looking for an easy and convenient way to relax, wind down and rejuvenate their skin. Which is not surprising as the stress that athletes place on their body is incredible. Especially when gaining a lot of strength and size very quickly as it can stretch and strain the skin. Having a health glow from the skin to the mind is important as athletes not only have to put in a great amount of effort physically but also mentally.

As athletes exercise day in day out, it can put a strain on their dedication and overall happiness. Not only that but also supplements and other bodybuilding products that are commonly taken by athletes, sometimes dry up the skin causing it to crack. This is even more present in competitive bodybuilders, using spray tans that are directly applied to the skin weeks out before a competition or event.

A better way athletes can unwind, relax and rejuvenate without taking pain killers or adding to your calorie load is with our handmade rejuvenating oils, soaps and salts. Created with natural vitamins, minerals and proteins our handmade soaps can create an aura of relaxation while softening, repairing and safeguarding your skin. Additionally it is worth while noting that when taking supplements for your body try and choose supplements with less caffeine and stimulants. You can find more information on healthy bodybuilding supplements at Supplement Express.

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